• Mar 02, 2018

Dempsey Resource Management Inc. carries with it a five-year comprehensive experience in the executive search and placement industry. It started as a small, sole proprietor entity in May 26, 2008 in a business office in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

Starting with just 3 personnel, the company slowly and painfully learned the business. The past mistakes and poor business judgments committed became its teacher. The small capital that it used to keep the business on the ground became its strength. The slow and old-fashioned way of doing business became its springboard to shift to a faster, better and more efficient way of doing things. Most of all, the desire to continue in spite of the overwhelming odds became its most powerful tool to strive.

The entity has re-generated itself. It became a corporation last year to be able to serve its growing number of clients more efficiently. It hired and will hire more competent personnel, train and educate those with leadership potential, acquire logistics, utilize more job portals and capitalize on what the internet has to offer.

We are grateful to our Clients. A number of them remained loyal to us. At the beginning of 2014, we are still serving one old client to whom we made our first placement in July 2008 and got our first check. The number of our clients has increased substantially. Our major clients are into manufacturing, IT web development & design, real property development, heavy equipment machineries, financing and BPO companies.

We are committed to do for our Clients what we do best – sourcing of potential candidates. We can attract good and competent professionals and graduates nationwide who are willing to work in Metro Manila, through our proactive measures and wide array of sources.

We shall be glad to be your partner in the important search for qualified personnel in your company.

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