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You may be disgruntled or you may even be dissatisfied with your work. It could be a bad environment, bad pay, bad boss or a combination of the three. Nevertheless, you want to leave and in so doing you might get caught.

Drop your crocks and grab your socks, folks! The Sarge is here to show you how to apply for a job undetected while working in another job! It’s time to lock n’ load!

#1. Incognito

While it is true that Google can still track your movements even if you’ve gone incognito, the company cannot. They would need to contact Google and buy the information which, most companies may not have the funds available to do so. Further, even if the company has remote access to your pc, it’s likely that they can’t track your movements (though, some say remote access can still track you). Still, it’s worth a shot.

#2. Clothes

You may need to change clothes somewhere else in order to avoid detection. An example is if your workplace requires a uniform. You’re in a business attire, either coat and tie for men or pencil skirt and heels for the women and your interview requires a less demanding outfit. You may have to change in Walmart, Target, McDonalds or even in a gas station bathroom.

#3. Chat

DO. NOT. TELL. ANYONE. Especially in the place you’re working. Anyone gets word that you’re trying to leave and they might secretly dislike you, they’ll most likely rat you out. I personally know someone who ended up like this. Thankfully, she circumvented the situation in her favour and found a way out. Be careful who you trust.

#4. Reference

Use your best, most trusted colleagues for references. DO. NOT. USE. YOUR. BOSS. Duh, it’s pretty much common sense, right? But then again, some people don’t have common sense.


Reference; This Is How You Job Search Without Your Boss Finding Out

phtoto credit to: https://careers.workopolis.com